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From exciting smartphones to the “boring” iPhone 15, we hit a plateau. What’s next? Enter Generative AI!


Do you remember the early years of the smartphones? After the release of the iPhone in 2007 we saw each year huge improvements in the screen, processors, camera and the software. There was a huge speed of technology progress. Each new model was anticipated and created the feeling of changing the device because of the improvements.

The use cases of smartphones increased: From Steve Jobs famous “a telephone, a web browser and an iPod” towards the universal device that we use today for payments, keys for cars and hotel rooms, entertainment and to get things done.

But the new smartphones became “boring”, USB-C is the new thing on the iPhone 15. Wear see a plateau of progress and I was always wondering: What comes next?


One year ago people posted on LinkedIn and other social media poems that they have created with ChatGPT. I did not realize the full power of Generative AI. This has been created more and more in 2023. The possibilities are huge and the progress and development currently shows a speed that is unbelievable!

Generative AI will change our world like the smartphones and the internet before. We need to learn how to use it well besides creating poems and texts, to solve the challenges of today! Each of us needs to learn the new technology as we learned how to use our smartphones.

I have seen the introduction of the internet, the smartphones and now Generative AI!

Embrace the excitement of living in these transformative times!

BTW: The term “technology platform” might be misleading. Benedict Evans defines it as a piece of technology that revolutionizes every area of humanity.

Link to presentation from Benedict Evans : 2024 - AI, and everything else

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