Hans Michael Krause

🎧 Platform Disco Podcast : The Android of Automation

“We better build the walls instead of putting the paper on the (non-existing) walls!“

That pivot let to a change that set course for ctrlX AUTOMATION 🚀.

Alex Pesjak and David Detjen from McFadyen Digital invited me to speak in their new podcast „Platform Disco“ about ctrlX AUTOMATION 📲, ctrlX OS 🧠 and ctrlX World 🌎.

We talked about a lot of aspects and our experience in building up a platform and partner ecosystem. I shared many stories, insights and learnings, also about 🐘 and 🚤 to hear in this great podcast episode 😀🎧.

I always like to talk and exchange ideas with Alex and this time we recorded it together with David.

I hope that you will like it! 🤗



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