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Book : The Platform Business Navigator

Platform, Ecosystem, Business Models, …⁉️

The Platform Business Navigator helps to sharpen the saw and rethink your business approach.

Felix Wortmann, Sven Jung and Oliver Gassmann helped by bringing the principles of platform business onto 88 pattern cards:

  1. Ideate cards if you have no platform idea
  2. Designing the business model of platforms if you have a viable platform idea
  3. Scaling and managing one specific platform business model

The book brings now the basic terms definition of platform, ecosystem and their business models. It describes each pattern card and gives concrete examples (nice to convince management 😉) and some guiding questions to ask during a workshop.

… and it helps how to setup a workshop with your team to sharpen the saw and come out with a clear strategy. 🚀

Great Sunday read! Best served with a freshly made ☕

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